The Wushu Boy

This is a nick that was given to me from a very sweet guy.
He was part of my life and at that time, it was a dearest thing to call me...

I have been practicing the Art of Wu Family Fist (Wu Jia Quan Shu) for over 30 years now, it has been a family style only passed down father to son. To my generation, I was to continue to provide my sons the knowledge of such art. For a video clip of me performing, click here! (Real Player)

On November 1996, my dad came for a small visit and we discussed the issue of promoting the family system. He agreed, and so, I ran a school and have about 15 students. The school is called Cleveland Chinese Martial Arts Association, located at 2227 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. If it wasn't because of a person's constant support and being in my back about opening the school, I wouldn't have done it. Thank you Aaron.

At the Cleveland Chinese Martial Arts Association, there were a total of five instructors teaching: Instructor T'shaka Brown, of the Shaolin Style, he has been practicing for over 25 years with several world renown masters; Master Wei-Yue Hu, a great Chinese Internal Martial Artist, over 40 years experience and his students have won many local and national awards. Master Buddy Wu, excellent Wing Chung instructor in the area (was the only in Cleveland), an actor himself from Hong Kong; Dr. Guang Liang, great teacher of the Dragon Style Wushu School, a recently became popular aggressive Southern system in the USA; and myself, the Wu Family style.

The school was shut down in 1998 due to the building being sold to a government agency. I continued teaching privately.

In 1993, I started promoting Chinese culture and martial arts through a local monthly publication called Han Wei (origianally, a bilingual (Chinese & English) magazine for the Midwest, particularly, Ohio. The purpose was to bridge the gaps between Eastern and Western culture and have a better communication and understanding of both world. After 6 months of hard work and writing along with my business partner John, we have pulled our resources thin and we've decided to shut the operation down.

Although we stopped printing, I continued publishing a small newsletter, Han Wei Wushu! Newsletter, with the help of several martial artists: Ted Knecht, Nick Gracenin, Jose Johnson, Guang Lian, Wei-Yue Hu, Buddy Wu, Salvatore Canzonieri, John Ervin, and many others, this small publication became the voice of the Chinese Martial Artists in the world, published from 4 pages at first to the current 8 pages, it was distributed via Internet to over 300,000 readers (email, online services, newsgroups, mailing lists, etc), and to over 500 hard copies was mailed every month to martial art schools free of charge.

Han Wei Wushu! Newsletter was the FIRST martial art newsletter ever being in circulation through the Internet as ASCII file to over 300,000 readers!

The growth of this small newsletter prompted Han Wei and myself to receive the reconnection from National and International renown martial artists, their wiliness to help us grow and their constant support led us to were we are now... My involvement in traveling throughout the USA to different national tournaments has given me a chance to meet these great masters and grandmasters, through them, I truly learned to appreciate my opportunity to interact with these great people: Grandmaster Huang Chien-liang, Grandmaster Wai Hong, Grandmaster Cai Hong-Xiang, Late-Grandmaster Fu Zhong-wen, Grandmaster He Wei-Qi, Grandmaster Wang Ju-rong, Dr. Wu Zheng-de, and many others.

From 1994 to 1995, I've organized several activities, including Li Wah Restaurant Chinese New Years Celebration (yearly event), Cleveland State University's International Student Day event, Organization of Chinese Americans of Greater Cleveland, John Carroll University and many local organizations, and have worked in conjunction with Master Nick Gracenin (one of the great teachers that I admire his skill and dedication, and his students shows a great discipline and always winning awards from Regional to National and even International events!) of Sharon, PA, and many regional events. On a national scale I attended several great martial art events such as the US Kuoshu Championship held every year in July, organized by Grandmaster Huang Chien-Liang, one of the most distinctive and honored martial artist in the world. During this time, I have also prepared 3 martial arts demonstrations, each lasted for 2 hours on several places in Cleveland, the overwhelmed responses from spectators and all prompted me to start thinking of a National scale event.

On September 16, 1995, I organized the 1995 Han Wei National Martial Arts Championship, a tournament open to all styles, all schools, all systems, marketing within our neighbor states and expanding through California. We invited over 5000 schools to participate! Many international masters and grandmasters participated, although the outcome was not what we've expected, this was the breaking point of my organizational skill.

Soon after, I've received many calls and was asked to participated in many other events, including being inducted to the United Kung Fu Federation of North America, and within a few months, I was the Regional Director for the Great Lakes and the USA Promoter for this organization.

The Cleveland Chinese Martial Arts Association was officially established in 1995 right after the tournament, it was one of my dream, to have my own martial art center where many instructors can teach and promote their arts.

In 1996, we organized the 1996 Han Wei National Martial Arts Championship, this was the biggest event ever held in the Great Lakes Region, people around the USA and Canada all came for the event, we even have masters flew all the way from Australia to participate! More than 2,000 people attended and it received many great support and comments afterward.

2 years of organizing the tournaments have worn me out, I needed a break so in 1997, I only did several small events like giving workshops and performing at numerous universities and special events hosted in the City of Cleveland. I've also traveled a lot doing a few seminars at other locations. In 1998, I got inducted into the International Karate & Kickboxing Hall of Fame, and orgaznized the last tournament: The 1998 Han Wei National Martial Arts Championship over 5000 people participated as competitors and spectators. Han Wei at least broke even and make our final exit in organizing tournaments.

In 1998, I started a part-time business with an award winning photographer/cinematographer Greg Petusky starting Media Design Imaging. The business kicked off with a great success and it all based on referrals.

Because of work, I'm no longer have time to publish the monthly newsletter nor opening teaching classes, still providing private lessons and giving workshops around the City of Cleveland. As my father passed away on November 8, 1999, I've decided to continue giving my lessons privately without a stop. I am very proud of my students. They have all matured and used the discipline learned to better themselves.

From 1998 to now, I've taught, attended local and national tournaments, although I've traveled mostly for my business, I continue making sure Wu Family continue to work it's mean to maintain a small dedicated group of students.

At the end of 2000, I didn't continue serving another term as board member and their newsletter editor for the Japanese American Citizens Leagues, but I am still continued to be the VP of Administration for the Organization of Chinese Americans of Greater Cleveland, not to mention Core Member for the Ohio Independent Film Festival and many other organizations. In addition to martial arts, I am also a locally known filmmaker (check me out at The Internet Movie Database), some of my shorts including the John Doe Shorts, Warped Boxes, feature include Twisted and also a documentary which won a Community Service Award from the Japanese American Citizens League.

In 2001, my business partner decided to let go of the business and I took it over, then I started to teach more and to promote Wu Jia Quan. I Also became a member of the through Eric Lee and was inducted to the World Head of Family Sokeship Council and receiving the Silver Life Achievement Award in September 2001, the youngest member of this grandmaster organization, receiving an award as keeper of the Wu Jian Quan Shu.

On April 29, 2001, I announced at my class that Tom Trassare who has been training with me for over 4 years with strong dedication and progressing quickly to be the next keeper of the family, as he has proven to be a student of great dignity and discipline.

The successor of mine has been determined long ago when I noticed a student - deligently work his way for over 4 years and now I am very proud of him. In fact, I am proud of all my students, and within my mind, I have decided long ago that Tom Trassare would be the next keeper of Wu Jia Quan Shu while his training brothers will help him to make the family proud.

For 2002 and on, expect to see a lot more of our family system around the country, our goal now is to make awareness to the general public (not just high skill martial art teachers) and to promote Chinese culture and martial arts to the all.

I will always take time to respond to email, just drop one in and you will get my reply back soon!

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